WR3000M Desoldering Station لوازم کاربردی الکترونیک

Precise temperature control performance at the soldering tip is guaranteed by the digital control electrotechnology together with superior- quality sensor and heat-transfer technology. High-speed measured-value acquisition provides for maximum temperature precision and optimum dynamic temperature performance in load situations.

  • 400 watts of power over 3 independently controlled channels
  • Air and vacuum ports allow the use of up to 3 tools simultaneously
  • Compatible with high speed micro tools WMRP and WMRT
  • New HAP200 200 watt hot air pencil for efficient lead-free rework
  • USB port allows the use of included PC software for data logging
  • WRK desoldering set allows components removal up to 30 x 30mm
  • WVP vacuum pen allows easy handling of components
  • Large, intuitive LCD display shows critical functions for 3 channels

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WR3000M Desoldering Station

  • تولیدکننده: Weller
  • مدل کالا: 900010
  • موجودی: به من اطلاع بده!
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